Basic Design Elements

Interior Design Consultants - Butlers Pantry

This drawing is an example of a preliminary three dimensional rendering of a Butler's Pantry. Click the image to view details and much more detailed information.

We offer drafting and space planning with fine interior and architectural details. Examples follow, you may need to tell your pop-up blocker software to "allow pop-ups" to view the content.

Ceilings - Typically a forgotten element of all homes even though they encompass a huge amount of square footage. Styles and designs can be as formal or informal as the furnishings and accessories in the home. They can be beautifully embellished with details or simply tinted with a subtle color. Click here for photo and details about ceiling detailing.

Interior Design Consultants - Closets Closets - They range from the "ultra" category which are very spacious with furniture grade cabinetry and can encompass specialized compartments for jewelry, shoes and all lengths of garments and accessories. Glass doors and drawer fronts will allow either complete or partially obscured visibility but will protect the garments from dust. Others can be as beautiful but with limited square footage will allow for the functional storage of each garment when the space is planned professionally. Click the photo or here for photo and details about closets.

Floors - Limited only by the imagination and expertise of the designer, floors can be both functional and beautiful, expensive or built within a limited budget. The gamut runs from polished, etched concrete to laser cut inlaid stone and wood; from a small area rug to the plushest custom made carpeting with unique colors and designs.

The photo is an example of a combination of meticulously hand cut onyx and black marble intricately "woven" with natural wood. Click the photo or here to view a larger photo and details.

Walls - As simple as a single coat of paint to multi-depth lacquered which can take weeks to complete with 20 or more coats. Also making a comeback after being absent from the design scene is wallpaper which are now made from various materials in addition to paper. Woven metals and woods are now formed into incredible but expensive wallcoverings. The recycling of materials such as mother of pearl from shellfish or copying the unique characteristics of alligator and snakeskin can result in incredibly beautiful wallcoverings and also finishes for furniture. Click the photo or here for photo and details about walls.

Furniture - Each style period has had furniture designers as unique as the people themselves. From the minimalist to the most ornate, from Art Deco to European Traditionals, from ultra glamorous Hollywood Regency of the 1920s to post modern industrial. Each can be produced by the hands of an experienced interior designer and enhance the life, comfort and safety of the homeowners. Click here to see a gallery of the many examples of custom, quality and thoroughly unique pieces of furniture we have created for clients.

Art- Fine art and decorative art acquisition and installations. Available to create many moods and finesse the environments which have been created. Styles range from Impressionism to Realism, from water color to oil on canvas to sculpture. Each has the ability to express the emotions which make the homeowner love being there.

Fine art is not limited to work which is installed on walls. It may be a hand blown glass faucet or chandelier or other "functional" works but nonetheless must be classified as art because of their uniqueness and reflection of the emotions and value which are presented.

Click either image to view a larger copy.

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