The Process

Each project begins with either a brief telephone or email conversation at which time the basics of the client's needs are discussed. There is no fee for this preliminary service. This is followed by an Initial Consultation by appointment at the client's home or office where more in-depth information about the client's requirements, wishes and budget details are discussed. Our work ranges from a single, small detail to complete turnkey residential projects.

Our access to unique, comprehensive sources, both national and international, have been acquired throughout the past twenty plus years and include craftspeople with special talents which are not available in the general marketplace. Experience has allowed us to present efficient and seamless projects which eliminate virtually all of the negative aspects and fears usually associated with larger scale renovations.

While we are effective with project supervision, we also are realistic when describing the dusty, messy and unpleasant times which are part and parcel of a major renovation project, particularly when demolition is a requirement. As one of my client's once repeated to me the words her mother told her many years ago, "You have to make a mess in order to make a pie". We prepare the client, in advance, with as much information as possible about the process which their home is about to undergo which will change a group of poorly functioning spaces into a smooth progression of comforting, practical and user-friendly rooms which will be "home".

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