Our Services

Offering the finest interiors from Maine to Florida to Texas, we provide:

  • Consultations
  • Space Planning
  • Drafting
  • Project Conceptualization
  • Furnishings
  • Window Dressings
  • Floor coverings
  • Wall Coverings
  • Lighting
  • Art
  • Accessories
  • Kitchen/Bathroom Design and Remodeling
  • Installations
  • Project Supervision
  • Coloration & Finishes
  • Architectural Details

Custom Furniture & Cabinetry Design and Fabrication is another specialty we provide.

From a single detail to complete projects, from design to implementation, we provide the finest quality workmanship for the most discriminating homeowner.

We are fully supported by a staff of professionals which makes us shine because projects are supervised by us with constant oversight. Our reputation for quality and for seamless projects begins with effective communication with our clients. We listen carefully in order to interpret your goals and individualize services to suit your needs. Our services can be summarized as "Solutions for Problems" within the client's home or office.

One of the unique features of IDC is that we are not locked into a relationship with any particular furnishing manufacturers. The world is our marketplace and if the precise item required for your project is not already available, we will design and produce it whether it be specialized cabinetry to house information or entertainment components, an upholstered sofa or perhaps a one-of-a-kind chandelier or other lighting fixture. We continuously travel to various markets in search of the best for our clients' homes and offices.

One of the most surprising aspects our clients discover while working with IDC is their absence of the stress which many people have come to expect during this type of work. Our experience allows us to predict many of the "problem" areas of a renovation or new construction project and prevent most of them from occurring. During the progress of our relationship, if the client is freed from the stress which they have come to expect, it allows the process to be exciting, as well as joyous, with the reassurances that experienced professionals are providing the necessary services.

We service the
Most Important Interior Design Trends:

The "Greening" of America

  • Using Environmentally Friendly products (as simple as using water based paints instead of oil based) and products with fewer VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds i.e. carpeting and floor coverings)
  • Using sustainable products (those which can be replaced) i.e. many exotic woods from tropical rain forests are not being replanted as they are being cut.

Implementing whole house technology packages:

  • Control room for home/office networking
  • High/low voltage wiring
  • Speakers (distributed audio system)
  • Motorized window dressing for privacy, light control and fuel efficiency.
  • Programmed lighting controls
  • Temperature and air quality controls
  • Security systems

We make every effort possible to assure ourselves that the oriental rugs we purchase for our clients have the credentials which indicate that no child labor was used to create these rugs. We view this prevalent practice as immoral will not knowingly participate in its continuation regardless of the location and financial implications.

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